The ORMC began as a result of an article I wrote in the December 2002 edition of Online recruitment magazine. I wanted to bring together companies and individuals who were involved in the online recruitment industry.

Online recruitment as an industry could be described as a well-kept secret. Perceived as direct competition to traditional recruitment advertising, it has not been in the interest of media owners to promote its existence, and although this is changing as publishers mix their offline recruitment with online advertising, it still receives little publicity considering the number of sites that are in the UK and the range of suppliers.

The market is diverse, with online recruitment busy differentiating themselves from each other offering a wide general audience or a specific niche and suppliers cover a range of services from multiple posting to applicant tracking and webs design. All benefit from raised awareness of the online recruitment industry.

As a result of my article, 50 companies contacted me and from those 29 became founder members of ORMC (The Online Recruitment Marketing Council). Our aim is to promote the benefits of online recruitment to as wide an audience as possible, HR, recruiters and candidates and to give members an opportunity to network.

In a new industry, being seen by your clients and piers as a company willing to help promote the industry in which you work, should come with rewards. Your company will be seen as part of an organisation that encourages the sharing of the positive benefits of online recruitment. Members of the ORMC will be able to display an ORMC banner on their website and attend our regular meetings.

If you are interested please contact me, and I will let you know when we are next meeting and you can come along and meet our members and see if its something that you will benefit from being associated with.

David Hurst Chairman – ORMC

E-mail: info@ormc.org.uk